Monday, March 09, 2015

Puerto Rico

We've been back almost a week now from our trip to Puerto Rico. It was SO nice to get away. I think it was about the 3rd day into the trip when I remembered that I had "forgotten" about things at home. It was nice to leave life behind for a bit, and just to relax and enjoy ourselves as a family.

We had a terrible time on our first day traveling. We sat on the Dallas runway for over 2 hours waiting for a gate because there were so many flight delays and cancellations. We finally got to a gate and had to run to our connecting gate only to find out that it had been transferred to a different gate! Running again, we finally made it to the right gate to find our flight to Puerto Rico had been cancelled. We then had to stand in line to get re-booked (This took over two hours!) But got on a flight the next day. (Another story, I ended up outside of security without my Boarding Pass. Couldn't get back in- awful sobbing to security guards didn't even help my cause. That story on another day). Because of the snow and flight cancellations in Dallas, all hotels were completely booked. We finally found a hotel in Arlington, and rented a car to drive there to stay the night and fly out the next morning.

We got back to the airport the next day, and all the flights were still really backed up. Luckily, our flight made it out on time, and we were on our way to PR!

My dad decided to travel with us, but he flew on a different airline, so he was there a day ahead of us. We were completely exhausted upon our arrival, so we went straight to bed. The next morning we woke up, had breakfast, and took a walk on the beach. My earthly heaven!

That afternoon, we took a bus to Old San Juan. We visited a Spanish fort. It was so beautiful!

The rest of the trip was beach and pool time. I laid out in a beach chair a lot and soaked in the warm sun. I felt hot, and it was absolutely wonderful.

Audie is always prancin' and dancing' around.

Matt rented a boogie board and we did some boogie boarding. Below, you'll see that this gave me wedgies. Keepin' it real.

The last morning, I got up by myself for one last walk on the beach and to take some pictures of the ocean. 

Our flight back had flight cancellations AGAIN. This time, the flight from Dallas to home was cancelled. The only option was staying the night and trying to get out in the morning, which wasn't guaranteed because of additional winter weather passing through. We ended up renting a car and we got out of there as quick as we could. We missed the Dallas storm, but we hit the storm in OKC. After that, it was an easy drive home. 

The good news about our flight cancellations is that we were given vouchers towards another flight! We'll be able to take a trip somewhere this summer for free. 

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