Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Selah, faces, and boots.

It seems to be that someone else in this family is taking after their father. Audie has already adopted her dad's quirkiness, and it appears that Selah is following suit. Why can't anyone just smile at me when I take a picture of them?

Selah is definitely developing her personality of a "kid" and not a "toddler".
She knows how to be in the spotlight and she's liking it.
 It's probably a good thing that Corinne and Audie are the set of friends around here. If the set of friends were Audie and Selah, I think they'd get into a lot of trouble and wreak some havoc around here.

I liked that Audie left her socks in her boots when she took them off. 

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tntashour said...

She is so big! It actually breaks my heart because I don't know her at all :( But I love her all the same. And, The face she is making with the finger poitning up...Wes totally does that...all the time!