Monday, September 29, 2014

This and That

Can I brag about this one for a bit?

Corinne had her fall recital last week. She did excellent! We went out for ice cream afterwards to celebrate. 
Earlier this month, the girls had assessment testing at school. Corinne's reading grades were superb! She scored "above average", being at 94% --meaning she reads better than 94% of kids her age. The testing also said she is proficient with 80% of words at a 5th grade reading level (she's in 3rd grade). Her math scores were above average also, being at 86%. Woohoo! Proud momma! I cannot claim giving her any smarts though, all of that has to all come from her brainy father. He can claim passing on the brains, I'll claim passing on the beauty. Heh heh.

We are still trying to get our house sold in order to move to our new one! It's been about 3 weeks and I'm trying not to grow impatient! I know the outcome is in God's hands, so doing my best to hold tight.

My photography business has been going really well. I have had several client shoots, and even more exciting...the opportunity to be a 2nd shooter at 3 weddings. It is great experience to get under my belt, and hopefully in the near future start booking weddings on a consistent basis.

Can't believe this week will bring October. I suppose it's time to start thinking about Halloween Costumes and fall activities! Until then, we're hangin' out with hopes that our house sells soon! 

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