Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Day of School

 Last Wednesday was our first day of school. Of course, that calls for the obligatory first day of school picture! Corinne was not enthused to have her picture taken...usually she does pretty well for me and is agreeable, but for some reason she wasn't into starting school, and wasn't into having her picture taken. So, in the likes of her Father, she made silly faces instead.

I do like this photo below. This is her face she makes when she laughs at herself. Her eyes close and she does a silent laugh through her nose.

Audie had bought this school dress when we went to Kansas City. She was dying to wear it the exact minute she bought it, and, continued to want to wear it until school started. It was a long 4 days for her, waiting to wear the dress. So, when the day finally came- she was dressed the exact minute she was out of bed.
Here's to another school year!

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