Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Lawd. There has not been enough days in the week.
Sorry for the hiatus in blogging, but I'm afraid it may continue a little while longer.
There have been family visits, fishing trips, and another upcoming family visit!
My favorite aunt and uncle came, along with several others! Always a good time with the fam.
Matt had his annual fishing trip with his college buddies. Nothing else to write about here...secret guy stuff I will leave unasked.
We'll head to KC this weekend to see Matt's family. Looking forward to seeing my sister in law!
I've started my photography business!Yep, finally! After years of it being a passionate hobby, I've put a name to it and made it official. It feels great!
School starts on Monday!While I'm not ready for summer to end, I am looking forward to a new change of pace to our days. Audie has been asking to do school work, and her excitement about it is a little contagious. We'll be picking up our new boxes of crayons and pencils this week!

This month is Audie's birthday. I haven't even given it one thought yet, but I will be on it soon! You know me and how I like to celebrate birthdays.

Here's to the last week of summer vacation! We'll enjoy it!

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