Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Baptisms, fireworks, and prairies.

Activities around here have been in full swing. I can't believe that in just a month it will be time for school! I don't want summer to be over! 
I suppose I'll try not to get ahead of myself, and just enjoy the remaining days one at a time.

The best news of the summer has been Audie's decision to follow Jesus. Last week, we had a baptism and a pool party following. Nothing makes me more proud as a parent!

The Fourth of July was a lot of fun this year also. We had a cookout and shot fireworks with some of our friends. Selah ended up with a bout of the "Big D" and I had to take her home early. However, my mom graciously offered to keep her so I could go back to the party to enjoy the fireworks. I was anxious to stretch myself to try to get some pics of fireworks, and I think it was a success! I didn't really see the fireworks because my eye was through the viewfinder on my camera the entire night. But I don't regret it! I love the pics we got.

It was brought to my attention that there is a one room schoolhouse not far from here. Since the girls are into the Little House on the Prairie series, we thought it would be fun to make them some dresses and bonnets and go do some pictures in front of the schoolhouse. We took a mini- road trip with our friends Keenan and Brenda to see it all. What a fun afternoon it was! Such cool history that remains. The girls thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and pretending a little bit. Not only did we get to the one room school house we were after, we came across a homestead still standing from 1859, and got to walk through some really neat barns.
Several deer, ticks, and hours later, and a spoiled stop for some frozen yogurt, the girls crashed in their beds and slept tip 9:30 the next morning. A day to remember!!

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