Friday, May 30, 2014


This might be the calm before the busy storm. While we have had many activities over the weekend, our weekdays are pretty low key. Last weekend, a cousin of mine got married, and we had family in town. It was a great time to visit, and catch up with some 2nd cousins we hadn't seen in a while, along with some time with my favorite aunt(s) and cousins.

Matt leaves for Brazil in less than a week, I'm excited for him. It will be long days for us, but this will be a trip of a lifetime for him.

Keeping up with making it my goal to have my camera out to take pics and make prints, here are some photos of the last week or so.

Because a light switch is where you hang your keys. (Selah did this)

Riding bikes is a daily occurrence

Corinne and Audie get along so well. Neither of them dominate the other, and they keep stuff pretty low key. I'm trying to introduce them to making Selah a part of their playtime, but it really doesn't work out as well as I like it to. I also don't want to disturb the peace between Corinne and Audie, so I don't push it too hard. I hope eventually the three of them will play together nicely. For now, Corinne and Aud are good friends, and that pleases me!
Today, they made their lunch on their own, and are having a picnic outside on the porch.

The girls have chores of cleaning their room and practicing piano, but a 50 cent incentive to clean some toilets works pretty well to help get some stuff done. :)

And to keep things real all the way around, here's a pic of Selah throwing a fit one day after a nap. The smiling faces you see in the above pics are generally our day to day, but there are hours in the day when I am putting out fires, too. Selah is learning the art of first time obedience, but not very well. She is a test of my patience for sure. From time to time, she does say, "Okay mom, I'll obey." And the heavens break forth with rejoicing. That makes my mom heart happy, and is just enough juice to keep going with the three year old stage!

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