Monday, April 07, 2014

this and that

Ok, I PROMISE I will not turn this blog into a dog blog.
Yo, I'm a cat person- and I always will be.
It's just time to do a blog post, and since blog posts without pictures are boring, this is the pic most handy at this time.
Amigo is getting big! He is doing very well with house training--no accidents for a week or so.
Ok, enough about Amigo.

We have spent a lot of time outside. Loving it! In just about 3 weeks it will be time to put tomatoes and herbs in the ground...I'm definitely looking forward to that. Indoor projects for me have slowed down...I've had a few photography jobs lately- and that's been great.

The girls will be finishing up school in just about a month! It's crazy that the year is almost over. Audie has gotten pretty good at reading, and she enjoys it. She is trying out a few lessons from me on the piano...she does ok..but her hands are so little! She struggles with that. 
Corinne still reads and reads, and reads some more. We've had to limit her to one book a day sometimes.
Selah will be THREE in less than a month! Where has the time gone?
Matt's birthday is also coming up on the 27th. It's time for parties!!! I love birthdays!!!

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