Monday, March 24, 2014

Audie and her cool self. 

Its been a tiring week. Having a puppy around is like having a baby around, but worse. No diaper to contain the mess of pee and poo, and babies can be left without the worry of something being chewed up. On a positive note,  he is super cute and the wagging tail is to die for. 

About a week ago, I planted some ranunculus bulbs. They are under a grow light on the kitchen counter and I have been watching over them like they are my little babies. There are tiny green sprouts popping up which i am quite excited about. However, on a trip to Home Depot last weekend, a cart of ranunculus pots caught my eye. Beautiful, I couldn't resist. As I put them in the cart Matt said I was a sucker for flowers. (And I'm proud of it!) but I couldn't pass them up! I thought they would be perfect while I was waiting for my bulbs to grow and flower. 

I cut a few stems to put in a vase on the counter. 
Aren't they so beautiful?

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