Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

As always, I love it when the girls will let me take pictures of them. Audie was my main model this time around. I really wanted to get good ones of all 3 of the girls- to have a set, but Corinne didn't want her picture taken. I got one cheesy smile from her. Selah cooperated a bit with some coaxing. 

Of course Audie's serious streak can only last a few minutes. It doesn't take long before her urge to fart around pops in. I love this side of her. She makes herself laugh, and I hope she always considers herself funny! I know since she is my kid, she is probably more (or, only) funny to me. But I laugh when I see this pictures.

This is the only smile Corinne would give me

And Selah gave me a few minutes to take pictures of her.

And for some exciting news, (since most of you readers know by now anyway) We're getting a puppy!! Probably in another week or so, we will have our pup picked out, and I will be able to post a picture. I'll give more details then. Everyone but Corinne is excited. She (like me) is a cat person. Hopefully her mind will change when the pup actually gets here, but for now, Zona is her true One and Only. Stay Tuned!

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