Tuesday, January 07, 2014


We just got back from a weekend trip to Phoenix. Some friends of ours (I met them in Bible College) have a ministry in Brazil. They came back to the States (Arizona) for a Christmas family reunion. Over an email, we jokingly mentioned driving halfway and meeting up in New Mexico somewhere. Soon, that turned a little more seriously into us flying to Phoenix and them driving up to meet us in Phoenix. Great Idea! It morphed a little more, and we bought plane tickets to go! We ended up leaving Selah here with Grandma, to save on the price of a plane ticket, and also to be a little more flexible with our time--Selah still needs naps and isn't very adaptable with flexibility. It definitely wasn't the same travelling without Selah, we missed her!

These pictures are out of order...a little backwards. If you want to see our trip in order, start at the bottom of the post.

We (our family anyways) ate at In-N-Out for the first time. Everyone always talks about how good it is, and I'd agree! I'm happy to say I've had it now!
Below is us with Cynthia, Arlen, Baby Joshua, Dorian, Little Karis, and Nina.
Joshua was ready to eat that burger!!

We had lots of park time!

The Landscape of Phoenix is so beautiful! Mountains, Rock formations, Cacti, and Palm trees. I'd say you could add an ocean/beach nearby, and it might be heaven on earth. :)

I really fell in love with the Saguaro Cactus. They were so beautiful!! Each one was different and unique.
Fun fact: One foot of a Saguaro cactus can weigh about 100 pounds!

While driving on the road to a mountain to do some hiking, we saw a rodeo. We pulled over to check it out, and I'm glad we did! I have never been to a rodeo before, nor have the kids. They got to sit on horses, too.

Isn't the landscape just amazing? Picture perfect.

One day, we went to a rock formation called "Hole in the Rock".
None of these pictures give the true perception of how far up we really were. It was an awesome climb to the top, and fun to climb around on once we made it to the top. The top where the hole was kind of was like a cave..the kids had fun sitting in little corners and dugouts.

See Matt way up there?

Again, a beautiful landscape. Palm Trees on one side, rock formations and cacti on the other.

There's the "hole". We were up in that cave area.

Right before this picture, Corinne brushed too quickly by a cactus, and ended up with a couple needles in her hand. Ouch!
We really had a great time. Arlen and Cynthia are always encouraging people to be around, and we love their company! Check out their ministry website www.lightinaction.org

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