Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas 2013

Every year when January rolls around, it seems too late to do a Christmas post. Not to be a Negative Nancy, but I'm sure you all know that Christmas is not my favorite holiday, and when it's done, I'm kinda glad! (I might get on a Christmas soapbox in a later post...I have some post-Christmas thoughts brewing around in my head...we'll see if they make it to the keyboard)
Anyway, whether it is too late for a Christmas post or not, here are some pics from our Christmas and New Year.

Selah's expression in the picture is perfect. She knows she was not allowed to touch the ornaments (she was constantly trying to pull all of them off!). As you can see, the face of guilt.

We stepped outside to get some sister pictures...
 Needless to say, not one of the 3 of them together turned out with everyone looking, not making faces, or eyes open.

We had an evening Christmas eve with my family, and the few days after Christmas was spent with Matt's family. Good times all around!

New Years Eve was spent at some friends' house. Games, movies, food, and more games made for a great evening full of laughs. We packed pajamas for Selah to put her to bed over there. That allowed us to stay til midnight!
Audie tried to make it til midnight, but she could not. Poor little girl was so sleepy. She made herself a bed and was OUT. Screaming, laughing, gunshots all went on and she slept through it all. 

Happy New Year to everyone! I am looking forward for what 2014 has in store.

Oh, and PS! Proud mom moment:
Corinne asked us all what our New Year's resolutions were.
Hers? "To think about others more"

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