Monday, December 02, 2013

This and That

Well, December is upon us and I'm cool with that. My Christmas shopping is done, and things look pretty care-free for this month. And... the sooner it is to January 1st- the better! I love the new year, and it seems that January marks the last half of winter and summer can come back! I live for summer, in case you didn't know.

All I have as far as pictures go is a couple of pictures from my phone. I just have felt too lazy to hook up my camera to the computer.
There is such thing as a Wi-fi memory card. ( I'm inserting a hint to a Christmas gift someone can get me...wink wink) That would definitely allow instant pictures more often.

Here is a small pic of my most recent quilt. I have had this camera fabric for several months, and finally used it as backing. I have pictures of the entire quilt on my real camera...again...the same problem that I listed above.

Our anniversary came before Thanksgiving this year. I think that's a first. Matt got me a new camera lens, and I came across some football tickets for the KC/Denver game that I got him for an anniversary gift. Since gifts were generous, we kept things low key on our actual anniversary day and just went to a movie.

Thanksgiving was pretty low key too. Just the way I like it. It came and went, and it was great.

Our Christmas decorations are up, and we're just hanging out. Corinne has a Christmas piano recital this month, and Matt has a Christmas work party. Other than that, we'll be finishing up school here in two weeks before the girls will be done for two weeks over Christmas vacation.

And to close, a random installment of "Audie says"...
Overheard while the girls were playing after lunch-

Corinne: "Bed-maker! Make my bed!!"
Audie: "I put old ham under your bed and now it stinks!"

Audie has the brightest of imaginations. Sometimes I wonder where she comes up with the things she thinks. I do love her sense of humor- I may be the only one that thinks it's funny, but I love that about her!

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