Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Card 2013 Outtakes

The Christmas Card Family Photo.
You gotta do it.
It never goes well.
It ends up with kids crying.
Moms frustrated.
Dads impatient.

Maybe to make things more fun, we should hold a caption contest for a featured photo.
Now that's an idea.

We set the camera on it's timer for pictures this time around. It went okay....sorta.
After it started going south, we called my mom over to try to get Selah's attention while the shutter clicked. That didn't work either.
No promises on Christmas cards this year, folks.

Enjoy this year's outtakes.
 New for 2013. Crop top sweaters!

Oh. My. Word. They are twins.

How would you like the photo below to grace your mantle? I think this is the one!
"May your Christmas dreams be as lofty as Selah's hair while throwing a fit."

 Maybe we put too much emphasis on the perfect picture/Christmas Card.

 Forced smiles by this point.
....aaaaaaaand we're done.

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