Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spokane Trip

I feel very blessed to have everything come together to be able to travel. While I don't love to travel, it always feels good to get away, break from routine, and see different parts of the country. Not to mention friends!
About two weeks ago, my friend Trina had another baby! The morning Porter was born, it took about 30 minutes to decide that I wanted to go for a visit. Matt gave me the thumbs up, and I bought a plane ticket to Spokane that morning.
The really cool thing about Spokane is I have two close friends that live there, but both from different parts of my life! Allison was my RA at NTBI. I have loved that girl since I met her. Her heart is the most beautiful heart you will ever meet. She's who I want to be when I grow up! And Trina, was my neighbor and friend here. After her husband got reassigned to Spokane from the Air Force, I made sure the two would meet! And they have become friends. It really is cool how God connects paths.

I almost forgot to mention that buying the plane ticket was mine and Allison's little secret. Trina knew nothing of it. Her jaw dropping when she saw me at the door was priceless.
 The weekend was so quick! I was only there from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.
Everything is so beautiful there! The fall colors stop you in your have to just stare at the beautiful creation. I had the privilege of taking Allison and JJ's engagement pictures..I wanted you to see how pretty the scenery is up there.

We spent Saturday morning at an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Tons of fun! 

Saturday night, Allison and JJ took me to dinner, and Sunday morning I was able to meet Allison's mom. She is such a great woman!
The trip was so fast! But so fun! So thankful for it. Stowing it away in the memory bank!

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