Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Day in the Life- Our 9 to 5.

We have a pretty basic routine around here. Things can get mundane at times, but, this is life.
Today, I kept my camera close and took pictures of our day.
I know I have said it a million times before, but these are the kinds of images that I love seeing and capturing, because this is real life. No poses, or Photoshop edits here!
The pics I'm in, are from a timer on the camera.

Our morning starts anywhere from 7am to 7:45am, depending on how long Selah sleeps in the morning. Matt leaves for work around that time, and Selah usually wakes up when he leaves.
This is what I see first when I wake up...a picture of an orphan I pray for in Nigeria. Her name is Dashuma. I hope one day, I can meet her.
 Like I said above, Selah is the first one up. She asks for breakfast, I take her in the kitchen, make it, then go back to my bed for a few minutes of quiet time to myself before the older girls wake up around 8.
 Next one asking for breakfast is Audie. Sometimes she makes breakfast herself, sometimes not.
 After breakfast the girls get dressed while I hop in the shower. I usually find Corinne reading on the couch when I get out, and we start school  by 8:30 or 9:00 am. Tuesdays and Thursdays, the girls have Live Lessons over the computer, starting at 9 am, so those days require a tad of an earlier start than the others. 

Selah asks to do school too. This morning I gave her a piece of paper to color on. She ended up ripping it up and those ripped up pieces of paper ended up on the floor. Nothing new here.

So I can spend a little more time with Audie, uninterrupted, I write out Corinne's lesson plans a little more strategic to what works for us. Her lessons are listed on her task list on the computer, but it helps (both of us) to have a visual list that she can cross things off of.
 Audie has been in a trend of doing her school work on the top step of the stairs going to the basement.
Why not?

On any given day, there can be a number of shoes on the floor. Today, there were 4 pairs on the kitchen floor. Nothing new here, either.

 When school is done, the pick- up process starts. The shoes, the pieces of paper Selah tossed on the floor, the sippy cups....
I load the dishwasher from the breakfast and/or lunch dishes, sweep the kitchen floor...
 Selah helps

Daily, the girls play pretty well together. They play Barbie's or Playmobil, or Polly Pocket dolls.

Rounding up everyone for lunch, I called for Selah and I couldn't find her. She had taken herself to the bathroom.
Which requires taking off all of your clothes?

 I love that she finds herself independent to take herself to the bathroom...however, I need to know when she is going. Twice, there has been copious amounts of toilet paper in the pot....she clearly needs assistance in the area of wiping her bum.

This is a typical Audie set-up... Almost daily, she plays "office"- pulling together keyboards and toy-computers, and phones. She sits at the "desk", and "answers the phone", "prints out receipts", and "takes notes."

Twice or more, Selah will be a crank pot and throw a fit.

While Selah naps, the girls watch TV or a movie. I use this time for my time. I need it. I quilt, sew, prepare things for dinner that night, or things relaxing. This hour of the day can be priceless.

In the last hour or two before Matt gets home, we play outside, play Barbies, sit on the porch, or read books. This can be the longest hour of the day...:) But it is a great sound when we hear the garage door start to open, and Matt's car pull in.

I prepare dinner, and one or both of the girls set the table.

We sit down to eat- and that's our 9 to 5 :)

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