Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Audie says...::black and white edition::

A couple summers ago I was given a bag of my Grandpa's photographs. And, by bag, I mean a plastic grocery sack, with random pictures, most of the bent and stuck together from being wet at some point.
I have intentions of going through them, straightening them up, and putting the prints in a mini album of some sort. I have heard rumors that there are more pictures somewhere...and more slides somewhere...It would be cool to get a hold of those and get those in a book as well.

Today while I was putting some things way on a closet shelf, the bag of pics fell on my head. I thought I'd take a look through them. Looking through the pictures caused my creative endorphins to get going! This is why I love photography! And, why I have come to love black and white images-- It inspires me to get out my camera and take pictures-- but also get them printed on paper- so it actually becomes a photograph! There are so many pictures that tell a story, and put history in your hands. I will have to share some of the other photographs with you in another post, but for now, share something that Audie said.

Audie came into where I was going through the pictures and was looking through them. I was explaining to her that most of the pictures were of her Great-Grandpa Gordon while he was a missionary in Africa. Upon looking at the picture above,(I'm guessing the pic is of my aunts, Beth and Marcia) Audie said, "I bet these are Africans! Because they don't have any shoes on."

I love that she doesn't see skin color yet- (Granted, this is a black and white picture). But I don't love the quickness to a stereotype (Even though it was a funny thought)!

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