Tuesday, September 03, 2013

5 Years old!

 Audie turned 5 a week ago. Her birthday festivities drew out quite a long while. And, she took advantage of her birthday too... She may have used it a tad to get what she wanted. I have no idea who she would take after by doing that!...

The weekend before her birthday, we had a "Messy Party". We haven't had birthday parties for the girls other than family and close friends. This was the first time besides their one year old parties that we had an actual "party". We invited all of her friends and they were all gracious to come a be a part!

Our Messy Party theme included everything about getting messy! We filled pools with water beads, mud, flour, slime, had LOTS of Silly String, whipped cream, shaving cream, finger painting, and a slip and slide. The kids LOVED it...especially the boys. Not so sure the boys' moms loved me for hosting this kind of party, but it definitely was a hit, and the kids had fun.

mud fights....

I think Selah got caught in the crossfire of a flour fight.

Some of the participants...

 It was a really great time.
THANK YOU to my friend Lauren who took all of these pictures at the party. THANK YOU!

The end of the week consisted of a trip to Kansas City. We visited with Matt's family for a couple of days, and then spent two days as a family on the Plaza. We intended for the last half to be a family vacation since we never did one earlier this summer. While it was nice to have down time, it didn't really feel like a vacation. Kansas City is just too familiar to the both of us to feel like we were "away". Still, the girls has lots of fun, and we made some new family memories.

While we were there I took both of the girls' birthday pictures.
Below are pictures of one of the most spunkiest girls you will ever meet! Audie continually has the gift to make us laugh, and the gift to laugh at herself. She is fiery and feisty, and I love this girl to death! 

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Lauren Snodgrass said...

It was such a fun party for a pretty amazing little 5-year-old! :)I was happy to be the one taking some pics for you this time! Lol