Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's been goin' on.

Life has been a tad stressful the last couple of weeks. I feel terribly behind, and though I'm not as far behind as my mind thinks I am, mentally, I am tired.
Amanda left for college last weekend. Boo! We will sure miss her. (we already do!) Really proud of her though, and can't wait to see what's next for her. We are glad Ali is doing college here!

We have been doing school for a week now. hasn't gone very well. It isn't easy homeschooling two kids at the same time. It isn't easy keeping a two year old entertained while trying to teach the older girls. And, since we are doing school online, it's new for all of us, learning how to navigate the system. I feel like I have spent more time following links and downloading textbooks rather than actually teaching. It seems near impossible to go back and forth between each kid. It probably sounds like I am complaining, which I don't want it to come across that way, because I am very thankful I get to homeschool and have my kids at home. But these are the facts. It hasn't been easy. Corinne has been frustrated too. I told her that it will take time to get used to, after having a whole summer to do whatever we want...then jumping into school. It just isn't that much fun. Hopefully, soon enough, we will get the hang of things and it will become easier.

Also, this week the girls have been under the weather. Corinne had a fever earlier this week, and seems to be struggling with allergies. Audie has had a fever for 4 days, but no other symptoms. She isn't her spunky self, but she isn't terribly ill, either.

Audie's birthday party is this weekend, followed by her birthday a couple days later. We are looking forward to to come!

Oh, and remember the"win" I posted last week about my cool light fixture on the front porch? Disregard. The light comes down low, and the storm door doesn't clear it and open all the way. We won't be hauling any furniture in and out of that door now, as the door only opens about three and a half feet.

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