Monday, August 12, 2013

To Nebraska for the weekend

We just returned from spending the weekend in Nebraska at my aunt and uncle's house. This particular sect of my mom's side of the family is very enjoyable to visit with, as there is lots of teasing, joking, sarcasm, and laughter that floats around. Usually the weekend is spent playing cards and board games, and enjoying the parks. This weekend was no different. We also visited my grandpa at his nursing home.

My Uncle John has a Mazda MX convertible which he let me take for a drive. Quite the fun little car!
He also is a gun guy, and took me and Kara "out back" to shoot some targets. I told him that I wanted to take the guns in the convertible, so I could shoot the guns from the car when he was driving really fast and pretend I was Angelina Jolie in a James Bond-type movie. He didn't go for that one.

 Visiting my grandpa is always nice. He doesn't hear very well, but when he does hear what you say, he usually has a funny or sarcastic answer, so, we listen. Also, if you can get him to tell a story, he will.

In the picture below, he was telling us a story about his time in Africa.

Matt and Nick taught the twins how to play Risk.

Selah tried to help Grandpa get to his spot in the nursing home dining room.
 Here, Grandpa was telling us the Arabic word for coffee, and how they served it in Sudan.

Thanks for having us, John and Susan. We always enjoy it. Thank you for choosing me as your favorite niece! (*wink*) And Merle, Patty, and kids- good to see you guys too! I hope it is sooner rather than later that we see you again!

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