Thursday, August 15, 2013

A win, a fail, and a cute little baby

I'm totally proud of our new light fixture on the porch. I meant to replace the light fixtures two years ago when we painted the outside of our house, but never got around to it. I'm sure you all know that I don't like anything normal, so all of the light fixtures that I have wanted cost so much money. I guess in that sense, you could say I have expensive taste.
I looked around for some cool fixtures and like a lot of the geometric chandeliers like this one:

but to the tune of $995, that's just not happening.
I had the idea to make one myself, using metal rods and stringing them together...but with my luck of DIY projects failing lately, I decided to put off that idea.
Then, the other night while I was at World Market getting some food for my Foodie Penpal, I came across this cool geometric wine rack. I thought that would be perfect to mount on it's side and make into my porch chandelier! And, it worked!!! I just had to mount some screw hooks to hang it up with-

 I just love it!

So, while the porch light is a win, I recently made a quilt that is a fail...
I don't like how it turned out.
I came across a cool design online that reminded me of New Mexico. New Mexico is special to me because that is where my grandparents used to live. All of what I remember about my grandma is in this really unique ranch house in Clayton, New Mexico. She had a great tree to climb out front, a cool lowered patio area inside the living room that had all sorts of unique plants under a bright sky-light, and just across the street was a valley that set before a mountain. On my grandma's coffee table were two Kokopelli Dolls that had skirts that were very similar to this quilt design.

 I also thought the design on the back represented the New Mexico sunsets, and colors of the mountains.
 but my quilt construction and sewing was horrible, and I ended up with a hole in my quilt....
 and while I was quilting, my batting got sewn to the back of the quilt...leaving batting on the outside....
 ...along with uneven quilting and lines that aren't straight. I'm not pleased with the outcome, and I know my work can be better. Not real proud of this one.

But, on a cuter note, here's one of little Owen's 6 month pictures. I thought I'd put up a picture of him since you blog readers have followed his birth, and newborn pictures. I couldn't resist showing the changes...isn't he just the cutest with his old man hair?!! I love it!

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