Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This and that

Tuesday morning, me, the girls, and their friend Wyatt went blackberry picking. We tagged along with one of our neighbor friends, Jamie, and her family.
I went one time earlier this summer, berry picking is always a good time. The morning we went it was super foggy and misty...but it made for such a cool environment that made us feel like we were on vacation somewhere. Everything was so green and lush, and the farm we went to was surrounded by hedgerows of trees that gave the feeling of a private retreat that was away from the rest of the world. I could have picked berries all day long. Loved it.

These blackberries were HUGE! They taste so good as well. Equally tart and sweet. We like to eat our berries with a big spoonful of honey.
**A separate note on honey- All my life, I have not liked honey. Can't give you a reason why, other than the sweetness never tasted good to me. However, earlier this summer I purchased local honey from the farmers market. Night and Day difference!! I'm not on the "buy local and organic" train, but with honey- I will never buy storebought again. Local honey is straight from the hive to the jar, no processing or pasteurization. And it is so stinkin' good.  I could eat it by the spoonful. (and I do). We have also been putting honey on vanilla ice cream with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I bought a big jar less than 8 weeks ago, and last Saturday I went back to the farmers market for more, as the first jar only has a few tablespoons left.

I cannot believe that we are in the last day of July. School will start in less than two weeks, and it just doesn't seem like it should be time for that yet. 

The last week and a half we have started potty training Selah. It has gone swimmingly well. Much easier than with the other girls. Still working on getting her to poo in the potty, but I am pretty confident that she can keep her panties dry. 

Well, it is now 12:56 and Selah's nap is in 4 minutes. I'll go scoop her up, hold her like a baby as she pretends to fall asleep, but also asks for a song before I lay her down. One of the moments that I know will only happen a handful of times before she stops doing it and it will only be a memory!

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