Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This and That

Not much going on around here in these parts. Summer really has flown by- but it has only been the last week that we haven't had much to do. The girls and I haven't done a lot of activities away from the house as Selah has a mind of her own these days, and it's easier to keep her at home until she realizes who's boss. (That is me... in case you were wondering. *wink*)

Corinne reads. A lot. I am proud of that. She's really into the Little House on the Prairie book series.
 She asked if she could take Selah outside one afternoon while I was folding some laundry. When I went to check on them, my heart melted and had to take a picture. 

Audie learned how to ride her bike without training wheels a couple weeks ago. 

Some friends of ours just had a baby! They named her Harper Grace. Corinne was pretty happy that "they named her after her middle name". I always forget how little babies are when they are newborns. Harper was just over 6 pounds...way small! We enjoyed the visit.

I can't believe that July is half over. Part of me is ready for school to start up know me- I like routine. And our summer has been anything but routine. I have enjoyed also the laid back days though, too. We didn't get our summer vacation in, and I dont know if we will. We have drug our feet in making a decision on where and when to go, and almost now it is too late to make plane ticket purchases. We still may do something in the fall, or Matt and I take a trip without the girls.

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