Friday, July 05, 2013

a fantastic 4th

Fourth of July was great this year. One of the best I've had. Good company and fellowship, good fireworks, good memories. We went to the Poore house- had some great food and then laughed the night away at the happenings.
For some reason, Corinne was a bit of a sour pants...she didn't want her picture taken...hence the frown below. I bribed the girls with extra dessert for whoever smiled the biggest, which got a great smile out of her, but by that time, Selah had sat too long, and was ready to be on the move again.

Selah does this thing where she closes her eyes and lays her head down on the nearest arm or shoulder. I still can't quite figure out what she is feeling when she does it. She does it a bit when she is embarrassed, and sometimes when she gets in trouble. But she also does it when she tells people that she loves them- like she wants to be affectionate without overly showing affection. For whatever reason she does it, I love it when she's so sweet. Last night Selah was Keenan's buddy. She fell asleep on him during all the fireworks.

After we had an awesome dinner, we went out in the backyard for all the fireworks. And, I started a grass fire. I threw a smoke grenade into the brush, and a couple minutes later we turned around and the grass was on fire. It was funny, it was scary, it was embarrassing.... complete chaos ensued. Someone yelled, "Throw the dog bowl on it!" Nanette started taken pictures. I wanted to take pictures, but I felt bad about it. Travis and Matt started running to stamp out the fire, and got it under control right as Keenan arrived with the hose.   All turned out okay, then it was funny again. I will say it wasn't the dumbest thing of the night...The boys put a huge bomb thingy in a cooler and blew up a cooler. Pieces of cooler flew everywhere. That was scary and cool and funny all at the same time too. Nobody tell my dad this stuff happened. K? Thanks.

Audie sure wasn't scared of anything that night. (Except for running inside when the grass fire started). She had no problem lighting fireworks and participating.

Corinne on the other hand was a bit more timid. She hung out in her lawn chair for most of the evening, just watching. Only when she saw her little sister get praise for doing a Roman Candle did she want to try one. It took all of her Scaredy Cat might to go hold that thing. I was really proud of her for trying.

Kudos to all the photographers who have mastered fireworks pictures. It is not easy! I gave up after a while...I was tired of watching the fireworks through my camera viewfinder and not seeing them as they happened. A couple pics turned out pretty good...but then I always think, what do I do with these pictures now? I'd much rather have a face in my pictures. :)

Lots of memories to put in the books for this year!

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