Saturday, June 22, 2013

Audie's Quilt and Smiles

How did I ever think that I wouldn't like quilting?!
Lesson to learn: Don't ever not try anything. I thought that I would never have the patience to quilt, but after doing my first one last summer (ish), quilting has become one of my favorite hobbies. It hasn't been the easiest, I have wasted my fair share of fabric, but I am happy with the results of the few quilts I have made.

I have wanted to make a plaid quilt since I started quilting...After trying and failing once, a friend of my found a book that explained the importance of color selection to get plaids to work. She gave me the book for my birthday, and it helped so much! I am definitely going to make another one of these quilts for myself- in none other than GRAY tones! That will probably be my next quilt.

This quilt will go on Audie's bed. I hope she will love it for years to come!

I have to say I love it (LOVE IT!) when the girls ask me to take their picture. Audie wanted to do a photo shoot last night with her new hat. She asked me to straighten her hair and then she went to put on chapstick for the pictures. (Maybe I should be worried?) While I don't mind the girls liking to look their best, I do want to emphasize the beauty of being natural and like the way God made them- and I hope they learn that early and hold onto it.


Lauren Snodgrass said...

Wow, Jenny! Beautiful quilt!! I absolutely love the colors. Love the pics of Audie, may have a model on your hands. :)

Meghan Poore Tuttle said...

Jenny those pictures of Audra are beautiful