Monday, April 01, 2013

Saying Goodbye to the Pacifier

It was time to say goodbye to the paci. I decided to use the helium balloons again since it worked so well with Audie. (See Audie's pacifier balloon launch here)
Even though Selah and Audie were approximately the same age when we got rid of the pacifiers, I felt like Audie was so much more aware of what was going on than Selah was in the process. As you can see from Audie's pacifier launch, she waved goodbye, and paid attention to what was going on. I had a harder time with Selah, making sure she really knew and paid attention to her pacifiers sailing away. I wanted her to have the memory so when she asked about a paci she remembered that she watched her pacifiers fly into the sky.

So Thursday we went to the store and picked up some balloons. Then, came home and gathered all of the pacifiers to tie them to the balloons.

She sucked on them to the last minute...even with the balloon ribbon attached.

Then we let them go. Fail. Two of the three balloons got stuck in the tree. Selah ran to the tree and said,
"paci! paci!"

She has asked about the pacifiers since Thursday, but after we tell her that they went away on balloons she does seem to remember. She has been okay without them though. So far so good!

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Lauren Snodgrass said...

So happy it's working! Our doctor recommended doing this with Ian at 18 months, but we didn't think he'd get it. We ended up cutting the tip of the paci off...he decided he didn't like it anymore! haha! I was sad for him to give up his paci...seemed like the last "baby" thing he was doing :(