Monday, April 22, 2013

They sure are cute when they are sleeping, huh?

Rewind 2 hours before this and she wasn't so cute. After finishing up school this morning we ran a couple of errands. I had do drop off a photo CD and we also went by a camera store before having lunch with a friend. In the camera store, the older girls were okay for a while, until they started fighting over the stroller that Selah was no longer in, punching and hitting each other while Selah was in my arms. Screaming, I might add. I had to politely tell the gentleman I was talking to that we would have to come back another time, and I apologized and left. 

When we got to the car, I was pretty mad. I expect more out of my older girls. They know better. Don't get me wrong, they fight, punch, and hit all of the time. But they know how to act, and especially in a public place. 

I called Matt and told him what happened and asked for his advice on a proper punishment. He gave me a couple of options...but, I almost drove the girls back to the store to make them go in and apologize for disrupting their business. 

Fast forward to lunch with our friend Lauren and chaos continues. The girls have to go to the bathroom in the middle of lunch, which is fine. It was a small place; we were the only ones in there, so I told them to take themselves to the bathroom. Then, get this...Selah "has to go potty". Untrained Selah needs to go to the bathroom. Right. "Potty mommy. Mon! Mon!" (that's how she says, "come on".  I told her no, which resulted in a fit and more screams, much like the screams in the camera store.

I suppose the best thing to do in these times is look at them as teachable moments. Many times, days like this are a reminder to why we don't go's just not the easiest thing to get out with 3 little ones. But, they also need to learn how they are supposed to act, and today was a good opportunity for that. The older girls lost privileges and hopefully it's painful enough that they will remember next time. If not, we do it again, right? Oh, for the record, Audie wanted to go back to the store and apologize for her behavior, and keep her privileges. Too bad "mommy powers" don't include knowing your kids' brain to know what they are thinking.

In other news, all has been good. This last weekend we had a nice family day, out to lunch together and to go look at some trees to plant in the backyard. I still am glad the kitchen is done, and we have moved on to other projects! I have some fabric ready to start another quilt, and Matt ordered a couple books last night to start reading. Matt's birthday is this weekend, and Selah's next week. And, mine the week after that! 

Until next time...

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Lauren Snodgrass said...

It was probably "one of those days," although I know it's frustrating when it is out of the ordinary. Well, i had fun seeing you and the girls! From the pic, looks like Selah was tired. Hope mama got a break too!