Friday, February 22, 2013

Emily's Delivery

Bucket List
5. Photograph a delivery/live birth
Last Saturday Emily gave birth to her first baby, Owen! It was such an incredible experience to be a part of. Different when you are "on the other side" of the delivery. While giving birth to my own kids was an amazing experience, this was just as incredible. God is such a cool God, and I kept thinking how miraculous the entire process of conception to delivery is. Everything about it is so beautiful...after Emily had Owen, and she got to lay her head back and "relax"- that was where I saw beauty. There is nothing like the love a mother has for a baby, that's for sure!

For the taking pictures side of things, I wasn't sure what to expect. Fluorescent hospital lighting isn't the most attractive, and for the majority of the night/day, things were pretty dark. I also didn't know how much room I would have to move around in the room. But,  I assumed I'd go with the flow, and it worked out!

 Emily called me last Friday at 11:30 pm telling me her water had broke. I went to the hospital shortly after...

 Everything was pretty low key at the beginning. Emily hadn't had a lot of contractions at that point. So, they read over their paper work...
 ...and Clayton read the users manual for their new camera.
 He also had some time to catch Sports Center.

After the Pitocin was given, contractions started kicking in.

 We all tried to rest, and never really did. Emily had a hard labor, and never really got comfortable. 

 Hours later, (at this point- I was so tired to really know what time things were happening) Emily was given an epidural, and then things progressed very quickly. Within a few hours she was fully dilated and was ready to push.
 Emily was such a champ. She pushed for about 2 hours. She was so tired, no, exhausted. But she pulled through (pushed through? haha) and kept with it. The fortunate part of it being two hours for me, was that it was a slow pace! I got to step back from behind the camera and experience my friends birth with her. Once I saw that little (actually, a lot) of hair poke through, I had lost it. I was a crying fool. 

 A couple hours later with a final push, at 1:05pm he was here!

 I love this picture above. Clayton is so cute here, a proud dad.
 Emily's mom and dad.

 a mom relaxed with her new baby. such a content feeling.

Thank you, Emily and Clayton for allowing me to be there that day. I will never forget it. Em, I am so proud of you, you will be a great mom. Owen is a lucky little guy. I love you all!

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