Thursday, January 17, 2013

This and That

Ugh. I got sick again. Fever, bad cold, that junk. I'm thankful Matt and the girls haven't gotten it. (yet).
I hope that it will clear up in the next couple of days...I have had it for a week now.

I got a really cool package in the mail yesterday. Check these out.

They are seam rippers my Father in Law made. Aren't they beautiful? We may work together and see if there is any interest in them so we can sell them. I told him that I needed a few more already..I want one for myself and I want a few to give away as gifts. I listed them on etsy to see if there is any interest there, But the problem I have with it is that they are all so beautiful- I don't want to sell them! I want to keep them all to myself! I never thought I would be a seam ripper hoarder...

Get a load of this-
I caught Selah on the counter eating my sticky buns. Two of 'em. One for each hand.  I can't turn my back on this kid for a second!!

And I have to close with saying thanks to Matt. He has been so good (even though he always is) the last week while I have been sick. He has gone the extra mile and given the extra energy when I all I have felt like doing is laying on the couch. Thanks, Matt! I appreciate you!

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