Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pink hair and a conversation about toasters...

Leave it to kids to prove you wrong about things. Tonight I told the girls never to stick anything in the toaster except bread... "Don't put knives, or forks, or spatulas in the toaster because you might get shocked. So, only put bread in the toaster."

Then Audie chimes in, "what about pop tarts?"
Me: "ok, yes- pop tarts are fine. "
Corinne: "what about waffles?"
Me: "yeah, waffles are ok too"

Corinne: "so.... Not 'just' bread"


How do you like Audie with pink hair? I actually think it kind of suits her. I wonder though if she was 15 and asking me to dye her hair pink if I would feel the same way. Tonight was crazy hair night at AWANA. Her hair usually is crazy already, we just "pretty-fied" it with some pink spray.

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