Friday, January 04, 2013

Since December 19th...

Happy New Year, everyone!
Wow, January 4th already? Yay! Spring is just around the corner. One thing I love about this time of year is that I always feel like spring is just in sight. I know it isn't until the end of March that the temperatures are constant, but I like to think positively about this.

We had quite a busy Christmas this year. It maybe was the same as every year, but it seemed a little more hectic this time around. I don't have pictures for you at this time, as we have a friend living in our guest room for a couple of weeks. Our computer is in our guest room, so if I were in there editing pics and blogging from that computer, I would feel like I was invading her privacy a bit. So, my phone picture of me and my cousin Kara will have to do for now.

Christmas eve was with my parents and sister/family at her house. We had smoked brisket that my dad cooked, and opened presents. It was short but sweet.
Christmas morning we woke up and had breakfast together, then opened presents. I got Michael Jackson's Experience game for the Wii. It is a dance game, that does the dance moves to MJ's songs. So we danced a lot on Christmas. :) It's so much fun! My mom came over later in the evening and made us waffles for dinner, and then we watched the Nativity cartoon with the girls.

The next morning we went to Kansas City to see Matt's family. The highlight of that trip was making pens on Matt's dad's lathe. Super cool! I could have made pen after pen after pen after pen after pen.... it was so cool. Endless possibilities!

We left Kansas City 2 days later to come home and spend some time with some friends from Pennsylvania who were in town, and then my Family from Nebraska came to see us. Unfortunately, they were sick, so time with them was less than usual. Good to see them, none the less.

Matt has been off work since before Christmas. At first, I was a little weirded out by the thought of him being home for two and a half weeks. It seemed like it would put a kink in our routine. But, it has been super nice. It has felt like Saturday for two weeks- and who can argue with that?! He goes back to work on Monday, and we will resume school Monday as well.

Until next time!

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