Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Cuteness, and a Quilt

A note to Emily R.- the contents of this post contain pictures and information about your Baby's quilt. I have a feeling you are going to look anyway- but try to resist! It will be best as a surprise! (*wink*)

I know all of you look at this blog to see pictures of my cute kids- but I have to show you a couple of cute babies I got to take pictures of this weekend- Kate, and Finn. Aren't the both just so sweet?

Emily- this is where you should stop reading! Resist it!

Speaking of babies- a friend of mine is less than a month away from having her first baby!

This is Emily- Photo of me and her from her wedding back in 2009.
I made this quilt for her little baby Owen

 Emily's husband is an aerospace engineer, so I thought it would be appropriate to pass on the flying stuff and make a paper airplane quilt. 

 This isn't even the best part of the story.
Emily has invited me to take photos during her labor/delivery!!  (bucket list item #5- yeah!)
But, even more fun and honoring than crossing an item off a bucket list, I am so excited to be able to witness a miracle- and witness a friend experiencing for herself something I consider to be the greatest experience I have ever experienced. (Wow, that's a lot of experiences...) I know she will be a really good mom, and I am thrilled and honored she would include me to be a part of that day.

Emily--- did you look?

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