Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cross that one off the list

Bucket List:
14. Make a quilt

For the last month I have been working on a quilt! I kept asking myself why I had waited so long to try quilting! I guess in my mind I had thought it was tedious work, and wouldn't be patient enough to do it. Granted, there are quilts out there that are tedious- and I'm not ready to attempt those yet. But this feather quilt pattern was really easy- and really fun!

I have to say THANK YOU to Brenda who guided me along my way, and answered all of my questions. I am so appreciative and grateful for her. She is also the one who inspired me to do this. She is in the process of making quilts for her kids-- her work is really amazing- like, we're talking pristine. AND she does most of the quilting stitches by hand. Wowza. 

Brenda don't hate me for posting a picture of you!

So, without further ado, and crossing number 14 off my bucket list- here is my very first quilt!

I definitely will be making another one. Matt told me to get on the ball with it quickly, because I am in a better mood when I have a project going or when I am crafting. (Does that mean he is selfishly supporting my habits? :)  ) Well, whether he is or not, I'm glad he challenges me to do what I love to do. He even requested I make one for him.
The girls have been artsy a lot lately as well. Both of the girls have been painting- painting- painting! Their watercolors are almost gone- and I have gone through loads of paper. So much paper, in fact, that I had to give them each a folder to designate which papers they wanted to keep. I told them if their papers weren't in the folder I might throw them away. While I'd love to keep these little art projects- I'd have mountains of paper stacks if I did!


Anonymous said...

The quilt looks great! I saw a book on Pinterest that a mom had made of her kids' scanned artwork. That way you can keep all those drawings digitally and still throw them away! Just thought I'd throw the idea out there, since it's such a good one. ;-)

Lauren Snodgrass said...

Your quilt is beautiful! So unique and pretty! Great job...I can't wait to see the next finished product. :)