Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whoa. Way behind on blogging. A trip to Nebraska, Thanksgiving, and our Anniversary have all been things that have been missed here on the good 'ol blog. I may or may not come back to them. We'll see.

The last couple of days were a WHIRLWIND! We had some friends staying with us for the last two nights...10 people living in our house. Super crazy, but super awesome! Arlen, Cynthia, and their kids Nina, Dorian, and Karis..(and Joshua to come, due in a month) are missionaries to Brazil. They are doing some US travelling and asked to make our house one of their stops! I am so glad they did. (The last time we saw them was around 3 years ago) Their fellowship is always so sweet and encouraging. The kind that you stay up late into the night talking- you keep saying "let's call it a night" and twenty minutes later, you're still in conversation. They are such humble and sweet people. The kids were instant best friends- and played great. I really appreciate blessings like them.

 Super cute pigtails, compliments of Cynthia.
Thanks again, Arlen and Cynthia- I hope we are a fraction of the blessing to you all as you are to us. See you again in Arizona before you leave...hopefully?

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You're going to AZ?!