Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I see the moon and the moon sees me.....

Hello, Matt checking in here.  I wanted to share with you Corinne, Audra and I's adventure this past weekend.  Lake Afton Public Observatory is about 40 minutes away from our house and they had free admission and a water bottle rocket competition.

On Saturday we loaded up the car and took our friend and fellow space observer Kameron with us.  Before we went, we attempted to build our own water bottle rocket for a competition.  The girls were interested in the decorating of the rocket and I was interested in the physics, so it worked out well!  Here are some pictures and the videos from my phone I took of them shooting off the rockets.  Even though we didn't win the longest air time or best decorated, they 'had a blast' launching them!

The girls were also able to experience a scaled down version of our solar system out in a field, where the sun was the size of a golf ball, the earth about 10 ft away and Neptune about 100 yards away!  Funny to think with that scale, man has only traveled about an inch.  Audra had fun running with the older kids that were there from planet to planet.  Corinne showed off her smarts by being called on and answering which planets came next!  We went to dinner and came back later that evening after it got dark to look through their telescope at the moon.  It was a half crescent moon, allowing us to see the shadows and details of craters and mountain ranges, it looked surreal to me!  A great experience and we hopefully made some fun memories.  

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