Thursday, October 04, 2012

a baptism, a little lady, and new bunk beds

Exciting news- Corinne professed Christ! She is getting baptized this Sunday. We are so happy- I will share more of the story next week and post pictures of the baptism.

What a cute little lady this is! While she is still the spunkiest punkiest kid you'll meet, Audie has turned "sweet", lately. She is full of hugs and kisses, and is becoming thoughtful in a lot of ways too. I like it.

Let me tell you, a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For real, peeps. A year ago, (or, more than a year now) Audie was sleeping in the converted crib/toddler bed. Well, obviously with Selah on the way, we needed the crib. I looked at bunk beds and found none I liked. They look so "camp-y" or "jail cell-ish" to me. Slatted wood rails, old school, and boring. I did happen across some sleek and modern looking ones I liked, but the price tag of $1200 made it an obvious "no". So, we went with regular beds, I made the girls' headboards, and life went on.

Well, the room was cramped. I mean, all the time.There was about 2 1/2 feet of walking room in a "T" shape, and I just couldn't handle it. I hate clutter and mess- and I couldn't even stand to go in the girls room, it got messy so quickly and you could barely even walk in without stepping over clothes or toys.

Yes, I know I can make the girls clean it- but those of you who have kids...3 kids-- know it is near impossible to keep a house clean. For real, peeps.

So I had the idea of looking at bunk beds again. Still, not loving the traditional bunks. They are just not my style. Again, I came across some cool ones- 

This time, price tag $4000. Ugh!
We thought about making them ourselves, (simple enough, right?) That was shot down after we doubted ourselves. We have a friend who is an incredible wood worker-- he makes gun cabinets, cribs, name it. and does amazing work. While his price was better than the $4000- but still wasn't really feasible and/or justifiable.

So, making the most of what we had, we went for...ugh...I hate this word...traditional bunks. A coat of shiny gray paint helped, and I am pleased.
I am even MORE pleased by the amount of space we have in the girls room now. It's so wonderful! We can walk around in there! The girls have space to play in there! I love it!

We also had room to put in a much needed dresser. It was $8 from a thrift store. even better!

Audie sleeps on the top bunk, and Corinne on the bottom. We'll see if they are ever up for changing it up.
Selah, on the other hand, is quite the little monkey. She climbs up the ladder and then screams cause she can't get down. She's an accident waiting to happen.

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