Monday, July 30, 2012

Spokane Trip

Corinne and I returned just yesterday from a trip to Spokane, visiting friends of mine. Trina, my friend from here moved there last January, and I have a friend from college who lives there as well. It was so great to get away and have some special time with two women I love and respect a lot.

First day in, we went to the City Center- a downtown area in front of Spokane River. We rode a huge carousel and walked around the park.

This red wagon was so cool!! The front "handle" was a slide.

 Corinne fed the goat that sucked up trash.

The next day we went up into an area called Green Bluff to pick berries.
We picked cherries- and actually I got to experience a berry I have never heard of. A Tayberry. It's a mix between a blackberry and a raspberry. Tart and Sweet at the same time. Really good. I'm still deciding what I'd like to do with the berries I picked...a cobbler? Jelly? We'll see.

A very beautiful area was Manito Park. Beautiful gardens!! Ahhhh, I really love the beauty and color in nature.

 Corinne and Allison, my friend from college.

 Trina and me.

We also went to this cute little water park.
Corinne's favorite was the slide.

 a seafood dinner on the Spokane river

and tuckered little Corinne fell asleep on the way home.

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