Tuesday, July 24, 2012

senior pictures

Meet Ali and Amanda.
 They're best friends. I suppose if you have been following this blog long enough, you've seen them around.
I love both of these girls from the bottom of my heart and so thankful they are a part in our life.
These two girls are SENIORS this year.
I had the opportunity to take their senior pictures...this first installment is our "summer session". We plan on also doing fall, winter, and spring sessions too. ;)

I tell you what, this past Friday night was the time of my life, hanging out with these 17 year olds. I felt a little bit like a 17 year old myself!! Ali and Amanda, thank you for asking me to take your pictures. I love you both so much! I think you are both so beautiful and I am extremely proud of you girls.

Here are a few of my favorites....I put a few more on my photography page- so you can see more there.

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