Thursday, July 05, 2012

a few from the 4th

We had a fun Fourth of July-
The day part of it was spent running errands and doing household things...
our garage door broke, so Matt replaced it, while I ran to the grocery store and did a bit of laundry.
We went to some friends' house for dinner and fireworks.
Food was so good, and fireworks even better!!

Interesting dynamics of the evening-- Corinne didn't want to take part in any fireworks. She was perfectly fine and content to sit back and watch. She's not a big risk taker, so she was much better watching from the sidelines.

 Audie, howeveer, was all in. She wanted to be where the action was. I think finally around 10pm she took a seat to watch, but still was chatty about everything.
Selah Surprised me the most. She sat on peoples laps all evening and watched the fireworks. Never cried or jumped at any of the loud noises.
I totally intended to get a family picture. We were all dressed in matching red white and blue.
Maybe next year...

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