Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dallas Roadtrip

Last weekend, we took a little road trip down to Dallas. I was wanting a change of scenery, and we were looking for somewhere within reasonable driving distance, but still feeling like we were "getting away". Dallas fit the bill, and we put together the trip that week.

Are you familiar with urbanspoon? It's a website that features places to eat in your local city. I use the app on my phone. What I like about it is that you can search restaurants by user ratings. People give it a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", leave reviews, leave recommendations, etc. It also tells you what the average price per plate is, and a lot of times lets you view a menu.
So we got on urbanspoon and looked to see what was good. It brought up a restaurant called "Mesa". 100% of the people "liked it". It said the average was $10 bucks a plate. Reasonable.
Matt loves mexican, so of course he didn't turn down my offer of trying there.

We put the address in our GPS and it took us there. The final turn led us to a street that was definitely Hispanic. All the signs were in Spanish, they had the "quincinera" shop right there...I was like "YES!" this is going to be authentic.
Matt pulled right up in front of the place, and a kid came out and took our keys from us. Valet? we were thinking... Valet was very out of the ordinary for the street we were on. But, what the hey. We were there, and we were hungry. Matt passed off the keys to the dude, and we went inside. We ordered the food and it was fantastic. It wasn't $10 a plate like urbanspoon advertised- oh well. Matt's humble reply always is, "it's okay, we're on vacation."
 So we paid for our food and went back out of the restaurant. Matt handed the kid our ticket to get our car, and the guy grabs our keys and goes to "pull up our car". The DUMB thing was is that it was literally two parking spaces down. The guy backed our car out, passed one parking spot, and then pulled the car into the empty slot. He definitely made an easy few bucks.

Across the street from our hotel was a place called Pioneer Plaza. A lot of sculptures like the one below of cowboys on horses, and TONS of sculptures of longhorns. Pretty cool.

Continuing the theme of "good eats" we ate at a place called Twisted Root Burger. Good Burger, but probably not in my top burgers I have had. Still enjoyable, nonetheless. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant...the signs, the toilet planters...

After lunch we went to Dallas World Aquarium. Cool place.
 Rolling our stroller up to the entrance, a guy was playing a saxophone. Very Beautifully, I might add. He looked at Selah, and then pointed at her, and said, "this one is for her." And started playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." How precious. He played it very jazzy like. Selah liked it.

A place recommended by Guy Fieri, was Pepe and Mito's. All I have to say is, "THANKS GUY! We owe ya one, buddy."  this was awesome food. Can't say enough about it. Matt ordered nachos and said, "these nachos are great." If you can please the nacho man, you know you've done good.

 photography by Corinne.

And another stop from Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive ins, and Dives was called Cane Rosso. A pizza place.
Again, great food. This was my favorite meal of the trip.
Guys head and signature was above the door on the wall. 
 This dessert pizza was amazing. Crust, with mascarpone cheese spread, apples, carmel, and cinnamon. Fantastic. I WILL be repeating this at home.
 check out that red oven behind me. Their claim is that it gets so hot the pizza can cook in just a few minutes.
Wouldn't mind having one of those.

And a stop on the way home at Corinne's Catfish. We didn't eat here, but it was a good picture location, i think. Especially when the Corinne in the picture is just so dad gum pretty.
We had a really good time. Not pictured is jumping on the bed in the hotel, swimming in the hotel pool, and a few other fun activities including going to the Dallas Farmers Market. The girls were very well behaved, besides the common complaint of "I'm tired of walking." I told Matt we weren't ready for Disney World yet. He agreed. ;)
All in all, good trip.

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megtuttle said...

The Dallas farmer's market is my fav. We went there all the time when we lived there!