Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Real Life

Guess what? My living room is a mess.
here's proof
So is Selah's room, the Girls' room, the kitchen, and the basement.
And Oh yeah, there might be some clothes on the floor in the hallway bathroom, and probably an unflushed toilet too.

Something has been on my mind for a while now. With all of the blogs out there, pinterest, and the never ending term "DIY" it seems like society has caught on to this idea that everything can be done easily and effortlessly, with pictures on a blog as a record. We drool over the Martha Stewarts of this world and wish for the amazingness they can produce with the snapping of their fingers.

Don't get me wrong...I do feel like I have been given the gift of "Martha Stewartness" to a degree. I enjoy sewing and crafting. I love to cook and make new recipes. I enjoy art and photography, and feel like I am pretty good at it. BUT! That's not fair that it's all you see on a blog. 

Take Ree Drummond for example. "Pioneer Woman" as they like to call her. Her blog consists of Cooking and recipes (not to mention clear and crisp pictures with every step of the process under the perfect lighting), Photography tips and tutorials, homeschooling tips, jewelry and crafts and much more! She has a bed and breakfast, she's currently renovating a building, and touring the US to promote her cookbook. Really?! I mean, who is she!? This woman drives me nuts because her life seems so perfect (yes, I know...jealousy) yet I get sucked in to her blog daily to look and see what she has been up to. Surely her house is spic and span too... (?)

Then there's Pinterest. An entire ocean of ideas for crafts, photography, recipes, decorating and more. You get to see all of the ideas of how every one else does everything better than you ever could. I do love Pinterest. In fact, I get on there and love to get ideas and fufill them. But so many things circulating Pinterest are unrealistic. And surely, all those people that post on Pinterest have all their laundry done, a cocktail waiting for their husband for when he gets home, and dinner in the crock pot ready to go for 6 pm dinner, right?

I have come to despise the terms "DIY" and "Tutorial". Why? Because I have fallen into the trap of the unrealistic outcomes of all these projects and ideas. I have it set in my head to sew a great outfit, or make an incredible wreath for my front door. Oh yeah, not to mention those cute little fish cookies that have the m'n'm candies placed so perfectly on them as fish scales. But a lot of times the end result is a pile of homemade crap and a bad attitude to boot. Some of the projects turn out great- so I brag about it on a blog. Some of the projects don't turn out so great, so it goes to the trash, and the blog stalkers never know about the sewing project that turned out like crap or last nights dinner that was barely edible.

Last weekend I found myself in a bit of a funk after finding out a friend was able to quit her job, taking the opportunity to start her own business to make/re-do/craft old furniture. WHAAAT the FREAK?!! Are you kidding me?! Going to thrift and antique stores all day, shopping for vintage items, then bringing them home to bring them to life again?!  I've died and gone to heaven-- I mean, really! What a job! Getting paid to craft?! (And then blog about it!)
And woohoo. My job is cleaning my house and wiping butts. A thankless job. (insert sour attitude)

I may not be over my sour attitude, but I had to take a couple of steps back and think about how blessed I am. There is no other job on this earth I'd rather have then to spend it with my 3 girls every day. Some days are better than others- just yesterday, I would have chosen to be anywhere but here if I could have. But most days are pretty awesome and full of life. And I am positive there are women out there who would give anything to have the life/job that I have.

All the above to say that I am a very lucky lady. I may not be as cool as "Pioneer Woman", or as good at crafts as Martha. There are tons and TONS of things I see on Pinterest and on other blogs that I try and just aren't going to make the cut for the "awesome" category.  

I still am going to do crafty things because I enjoy it. I am still going to do experimental cooking because that's what I call a party! My quest for the best chocolate chip cookie will continue. And you better believe that you will keep seeing photos of my adorable kids as I practice to become a better photographer. But I am also going to remember to stay content always...God gave me the life He intended for me to have and I want to live it to the fullest. And for all you blog readers out there... don't think that my life is lofty and effortless! I post pictures and blog about my successes, but there are just as many fails. A lot of times, when I am sewing or baking...my house is a complete mess from front to back, the girls are fighting and scratching each other, and their hair hasn't been brushed in 2 days.
Don't fall into the trap that I have of trying to make a carbon copy of things I see on other blogs or around the internet. (I know I'm not the only one that does this!!!) God has given all of us unique and individual gifts. I want to be the best at the talents God has blessed me with instead of wishing I had different talents or other avenues of fulfilling those talents.

And it brings me to my final thing- I am going to blog more about "real life". To remind myself that my life is not, and will never be something out of a magazine.
And that's okay.

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