Friday, May 11, 2012

My mom has a chrysalis hanging from one of the windows at her house. After a quick search on google I found out it's a Monarch chrysalis. The photo doesn't do it justice. This little thing looks like it could be a pendant on a piece of jewelry. See the gold dots? They shimmer and look like real gold specs. This thing is beautiful. Pretty amazing.

A new dress calls for a few pictures in it.
I made the dress with a few leftover scraps of fabric and by tracing an outline from an existing dress she already has. WAY easy to do. I'll be using the pattern to make many more like this.

One thing about Audie is that she doesn't like attention on her. If she is talking, or does something in a group of people and realizes she is being watched, she gets pretty upset. And if someone laughs at her- end of story. She'll run away. It's really funny, actually.
Anyway, I (we) have tried to encourage her to not be so self conscious. I tell her all the time that she is a very funny girl and it is awesome that she can make people laugh. I tell her that maybe she can cheer people up by doing funny things and making them laugh. So, that's what she has done lately. She knows that funny faces (while making weird noises) makes me laugh, so she does it quite often.
She wanted to do some in the photos.

I love this face.--I love this girl!

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