Wednesday, April 25, 2012

snapshots unorganized

My photo files on the computer were starting to get junky...I take a few pics here and there of the girls, and then load them on to the computer unorganized and uncategorized.
Corinne still loves to have her picture taken. The first and automatic pose she defaults to is hands on her hips...

Dandelions were plentiful in our backyard...I got many bouquets from Audie.

Several weeks back I was walking down the hallway into the living room. Corinne had seated herself in our  "magazine collection bin" I have by one of the chairs to house magazines and other current reading materials.
I LOVED the contrast of the blue stripes on her shirt with the orange bin... I said, "Don't move Corinne, let me get your picture!" So she stayed put, and I snapped a few. These photos aren't the greatest in sharpness and quality. But I love them.

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