Monday, April 02, 2012

Bike bruises and books

Corinne took an awful spill last week on her bike.
She was riding fast, lost control and wiped out on the concrete. She cut the inside of her mouth pretty bad, and swelled up like a platypus. Poor little girl.

I have been meaning to blog about this for a couple of weeks now-
I am really excited about finishing this project!
Almost a year ago, Matt bought a whole bunch of "Little Critter" books off of ebay. The girls love these books, and read them over and over. They practically memorized the books.
I wanted to put that to "good use" and decided to write books for them- in hopes that they will read them over and over and memorize them as well. I started making a list of life lessons that I would want to teach the girls, and lessons that they would remember.
So I wrote a book on manners, one on sacrificial love, and then I asked a few people that are influences in the girls' lives or people that I have reaped wisdom from over the last several years to contribute a life lesson. I also asked them to pick a character to represent themselves in the story, and then I wrote a book full of short stories around those life lessons. 
 This project took about 8 months to complete! One of the biggest things I have done to date- I'm really proud of the results.
I did have INCREDIBLE help from one of my friends, Amy. Amy is an author and aspiring to be published someday. She totally made these books come to life. I cannot explain enough how grateful I am for her help in this project. She is so talented and gifted in the area of writing. (and grammar!!) She did an incredible job and I am so grateful for her.
 All of the "life lessons" were so great! They are: Think before you speak, love unconditionally, forgive quickly, always do your best, friends help you see life clearly, be thankful for the time that you have, just go for it, and pick your battles.
I did all of the illustrations myself. They are very elementary, but I am glad that I was able to do it.

I am pleased with the results-- (to be put into book form, I sent the books into very impressed with their work!). Email me and let me know if you'd like a .pdf file to read! I'd be happy it to you!


Leslie G said...

Cam & Kylie would like these as Christmas gifts!

Lauren Snodgrass said...

I would love to read them!! How wonderful! The girls will treasure these books.

Crystal said...

Can you send me a pdf. Great job girl!

Shelby Shinkle said...

Oh my! Honestly, Jenny, is there anything you can't do? What an incredible, creative mom you are!