Monday, March 26, 2012

Ear Piercing

Audie has been mentioning here and there about getting her ears pierced. I never jumped on the idea, because I thought it would be a fleeting one. But Saturday she mentioned it again, about the 4th time over a month. We decided to go ahead and let her get it done.
Matt kept telling her it was going to hurt, but she kept saying she was brave.

She climbed right up in the chair. She was pretty excited.

 Corinne is such a drama queen. She closed her eyes and kept saying "I can't watch- tell me when it's over!" She does this same thing whenever Audie or Selah gets shots at the doctor.

 She was a little unsure after it was done-- I think it hurt her- but she didn't cry!
 She looks like a whole year older now. She went from cute to pretty.

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