Monday, February 27, 2012

CCC Quest (take 3, 4, 5) and getting lost

I have tried to upload pictures of the latest CCC's from my phone, but for some reason they haven't gone through. Sorry. It's okay though cause they still aren't what I want them to be.

Take 3- I used butter flavored Crisco- Crisco makes for a stiffer (rather than flat) cookie. I think it maybe helped a little.
Take 4- I added M n M's to the dough to see if it would give the cookie some height. Nope. Results were a flat cookie.
Take 5- I tried a new recipe this time around. I like the flavor so much. The difference is using cake flour instead of regular flour. It definitely made a softer cookie. I am going to experiment further with this recipe and see what results I get with playing around with shortening, etc.

Last night,  my mom and Corinne and I went to Best Buy. Mom is looking for a new phone with a qwerty keyboard. She's definitely moving up in the electronic world. She is going to start texting where she will need full use of a full keyboard. ;)
Long story short, Corinne got lost in Best Buy.
We stepped around the corner, and she was paying attention to something else and didn't follow us. We were  in a different aisle for about a minute before I realized she wasn't with us. I went back to the neighboring aisle and caught her frantic, looking in every direction, and about to cry. She looked very helpless.
When she caught sight of me, it was more than she could handle and she started to cry. She was really scared. For the rest of the evening she was pretty emotional. The whole ordeal really shook her up.

I still have the image in my head of seeing her utterly lost and not knowing which way to go.

My thoughts today are that we should be that frantic when we lose sight of being with God.
We should be scrambling and frantic and doing what we can to make our way back to walking with Him.
It feels so good to be found in our Father- feeling secure and loved. I want to consistently be at the point that I need Him and rely on Him so much for my security, that if I were to get distracted and get "lost", that I desperately look for the hand that will hold mine.

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