Friday, February 10, 2012

Cancun part 1

We got back yesterday from Cancun.
it was amaaaaaaaaazing. Luckily I had two little girls that I missed terribly, or I may not have come home.
Everything went very well. Selah was great despite cutting 4 new teeth while we were gone. She didn't sleep well, but I'll take it considering the circumstances.
I'm posting a few of the pictures that I haven't/won't edit. I'll post more later of my edited pics, and also photos from Selah's 9 month photo shoot we did while we were down there.

We left early Monday morning, and our plane landed in Houston. We let Selah crawl around a bit since she had been cooped up in a plane seat. I had to grit my teeth as she crawled around the know me with germs and all...

 When we got to Cancun I was so thrilled...everything was so green, and so fresh feeling. We hopped in a taxi van and headed to the hotel. We passed a guy with a surf board on top of his car, and then we passed a lady who was nursing her little baby in the front seat of the car as it was driving. 
This is my kind of place- I thought.
Everything so laid back and easy. Loved it from the get-go.
Our hotel was so nice!
The room was like a little apartment.
 Immediately upon arrival, we put on shorts and took a walk in the sand. Selah enjoyed it.

 The water was so blue! I kept thinking if there is this vivid of colors on earth...heaven will be so wonderful.

 The second day at the pool was the time of Selah's life. She laughed so hard at all of the splashes. I think this photo captures her joy quite nicely.

The last day, Selah fell asleep right on Matt's shoulder. So we went to lay on the beach chairs. Matt and Selah took a nap while I read. I enjoyed watching the people walk by and watching their expressions of admiration of a great daddy sleeping with his baby.

Excuse the look of complete exhaustion.
This was on the first night we were there. We ate at a little tiny joint. Food was great.

During the afternoon when Selah napped, we read on our hotel balcony. 

One night, we dressed a little fancier than usual and ate at the hotel's nice restaurant.

 Serenaded by a female mariachi band.

Outside of spending time on the beach, we took a taxi cab farther into the city to do some shopping at a market. We bought a few souvenirs and enjoyed looking around. 

It was a fast 3 days, but a wonderful 3 days. No complaints at all. We are completely blessed to be able to take vacations like this. I am so thankful.

Riding home in the SNOW.... here is a pic of what Selah learned to do while we were gone. She sticks out her tongue now. Silly girl.
more pictures to come!

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