Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Destination: Cancun

One of the things Matt and I have in common is a love for the beach.
We've had such a mild winter this season, that I haven't really "hated" winter yet this year, as I typically do.
But it's around this time of year that I long for warmer weather.
Matt says that the one thing there is always money for is a vacation...I love that he likes to make memories like that. I have become more of a "home body" and don't like to travel so much, but one thing that is irresistible to me is the beach.

We researched beach vacations (Selah is accompanying us, Corinne and Aud are staying with Grandma) and came up with a trip to Cancun. 

to leave in less than one month.

I don't have a current passport. We went to Mexico on our honeymoon, but that was before the laws were made about passports needed for re-entry back into the States from Mexico or Canada.
So we applied for mine, signed up to have it expedited and overnighted. All is well.

Talking about it to a friend, she says.."Will Selah need a passport too?"
Woopsie. We looked on the internet and come to find out that indeed she does need a passport.
Also, both parents have to be present to apply for the passport....probably so no whacko-parents try to take their kid out of the country without the other parent knowing about it.

So yesterday morning we went to have Selah's picture taken.
I stood in line at Kinko's for a good 20 minutes, then when it was my turn, I was turned away.
"We don't do infant passport photos. Our camera doesn't have a zoom."
Ummmmmmm, hello? I thought to myself. That's when you TAKE TWO STEPS IN!!!
I really wasn't happy at this point. But, what can ya do.
He sent me to Wal-mart.

I walked into the back of Wal-mart photo section, and no employees to be found. Of course!. I browsed electronics and came upon two employees who were chatting about that day's schedule...how "Danny should be called in because there is not enough workers today." and they were appalled that "Susie wasn't scheduled until 11:30".
Yeah, I see the problem.
After standing behind them for two minutes, they realized I was standing there. I asked if I could get some help in the photo department.

The lady was going on and on at how cute Selah was. That brightened my day a little bit.
Until it interfered with getting our passport picture taken!
All I could think about was the line at the post office, and how long it was going to take.
Hurry up lady! I've got places to go!

At this point, Matt started to hum the "these are the people of Wal-Mart" song from YouTube.
If you haven't seen it, you should...take a look HERE

After a few failed attempts at getting Selah to look at the camera, we came up with this

oh mah gaw. so cute I can't even stand it.

So we head to the post office. We get out of the car and Matt realizes he didn't bring the checkbook. A check is required to send off with the application.
So we drive back home.
Halfway there, we thought that we should have left Matt at the post office to stay in line, while we went to get the checkbook. Good thought!

We got the checkbook and headed back to the post office to get in line. 20 minutes into waiting in line, Audie has to go to the bathroom. Of course she does! It's getting funny at this point.

The post office has no bathroom, but there is a hotel down the road...but would I make it back in time Matt got to the front of the line to be able to sign for the passport app? I didn't want to take the risk.
I also didn't want to take the risk of a potty accident in the post office.

So I took Audie to the car. I pulled her panties down, and held a diaper under her crotch and told her to go.
***Mom of the year award***

she thought it was fun.

I was praying to heaven that we wouldn't have a leak.

We made it back inside and finally got to the front of the line. We did have all the required paperwork and documents to present. Phew!

We got it sent away...and now we have passport for Selah! She'll have proof of being a traveller she can brag about to her sisters several years from now.

And I can't wait to be on the beach.


Lauren Snodgrass said...

OMG!!! How fun and what a chaotic mess of a day!! LOL! Love Selah's passport pic though. Hope you all have an amazing time! :)

Shelby Shinkle said...

LOL. I almost peed my pants laughing so hard at this story! Still cracking up. Very resourceful thinking on the diaper! Seriously, it's taken me like 5 minutes to type this, I'm laughing too hard.

Regardless, hope it's a fabulous trip! :)