Monday, January 02, 2012


I was really excited and anxious to do a Christmas post...
but then I sat down to upload pictures of our Christmas, and I only had like 5 pictures!

I guess in my mind I thought I had taken more of our morning... at least I meant to.

We woke up and let the girls open their stockings.
Then we took a little break to get dressed and eat breakfast, and then opened the rest of their presents.

 a little sisterly love after some present sharing
 "Dispicable Me" was the top gift this year.

We also spent some time with my aunt and uncle and cousins. (not to mention my favorite ones)
and also time with Matt's fam in KC.
It was a good Christmas this year!

This picture wasn't from Christmas, but wanted to post it anyway. This is the view I have going into the room when Selah wakes from her nap. Super cute.

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