Sunday, December 18, 2011

Creepy drawings

The girls go through paper as fast as the folks at Ryan's Steakhouse make it to the dessert bar after dinner.
They draw and draw and draw.
Then write letters and make me cards.
And then they draw some more.

Audie has developed an interesting way to draw people...

Personally, I think that these figures look like they will come off the page and come to life, running after you to take yours. They are though, very cute in their own sort of way. I also like how she distinctly draws straight hair and curly hair.

I love my life. Currently, I am listening to Matt play school with the girls. Audie is playing the teacher, "Miss Spankbottoms", Corinne is the student, "Charlotte", and they are seeing how loud they can yell the alphabet.
I sit back and smile when I see (and hear) life take place like this. I am one blessed mommy.

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meg said...

miss spankbottoms =)